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i didnt get the ending

this sucks

RetroSleep responds:

Yeah, keep sucking on my garbage, I know you want too.

the box art to me was fucking hilarious because it had all of his past animation characters on it lol, but other than that i really loved this animation, awesome work DuDul!

DuDuL responds:

Good eye catching my previous toons on the box ;*

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holy shitzus! this makes you feel so big but yet soo small at the same size. knowing this stuff makes us people think that if earth is the only planet that can sustain life then why do we have to have wars with each other? we must settle our differences and look beyond into the universe because there might be one day that asteroid will collide into our planet, and then what?... oh well? NO! we must look into space and look for planets that can sustain life because we just cant stop funding NASA. we gotta take action and continue our research!

well anyways i really liked this game/educational tool, keep up the great work man, because you did a very amazing job on it. i like where your going at here. you really do know how to make people open their eyes to this stuff and to make it seem interesting at the same time. you sir have outdone yourself

nope can't play it

my computer isn't slow at all it's just when i'm shooting some noobs it will keep on making me shoot after i stopped clicking the mouse and then i can't finish them off with my knife soo yeah

meh...iz alrigh

the only thing i have for you is why is this guy running for or from and this game is difficult you need to have like pinpoint accuracy to get far in this game plus sometimes when i press the jump button he doesn't jump or he jumps too late. what's up with that?

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i'm really feeling the relaxed, mellow, smooth swaying, ambiance like beat coming from this orgasmic tune...sorry i'm high. 5 STARZZZZZ!

well this is really good, but it just doesnt compare to: I'm feeling lovely. sorry man but if that song wasnt on your profile, and this song was then yeah this would be no. 1 but for now it's second to none

absolutley love this song, gives me a good chill down my spine, puts me in a relaxed confident mood like i can get something done. i don't know something about this song just sets an awesome to me that i always want. Job well done my good sir

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finally some good art on this stupid website!

MrChambers responds:

Thanks a bunch man!

this isnt funny at all jaza, its very to make such a harassing picture of robin williams. you heard what his family said just let them grieve over their lose

this artwork is very homphobic to me, but it's still ok artwork. i just dont like the dick, because im a straight guy and i love titts and pussy

i wish to be the an awesome animator to be remembered by my magnificent work

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